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In Push for Affordable HIV Treatment, Richer Nations Must Do Their Part

Until 2002, less than 2 percent of adults and children with AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa had access to AIDS treatment. Today, more than 37 percent have received antiretroviral therapy. The increase is partly due to newly-produced generic AIDS medicine. But, it is still very costly for developing countries to import antiretroviral drugs from large foreign [...]

Vatican Rep Booed During Declaration Debate

A delegation from the Vatican condemned the use of condoms in HIV prevention programs, as the General Assembly moved toward adopting a declaration on AIDS Friday afternoon. Delegate and audience members, many sitting in the fourth floor viewing balcony, booed a Holy See representative as she criticized the assembly’s declaration. The representative cited recognition of [...]

Sweltering Heat Cannot Stifle Tradition

Shiny silks. Crisp cottons. Linens dyed in colorful prints. The United Nations this week hosted a global meeting of 3,000 delegates in the fight against AIDS. It also became the summit of international fashion and traditional apparel. Delegates and international representatives from African countries wore original custom clothes during the high-level meetings. Their outfits looked [...]

After Disasters, AIDS Patients Often Forgotten

After a massive earthquake shook Haiti in 2010, chaos spread the ravaged areas of the country, sending people in search of refuge, food and medical care. Among the most vulnerable were people with HIV and AIDS. The government, already scrambling to help earthquake victims, was also faced with figuring out how to identify and give [...]

Michele Sidibe, Driving Global Battle Against AIDS

Michel Sidibe moved through this week’s U.N. High Level Meeting on AIDS at a breakneck pace – and for good reason. Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS, was involved in nearly every aspect of the historic convocation of 3,000 delegates from 192 countries who gathered to find new ways to reduce infections and increase access to [...]